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RIOU Library series has acquired the novelty

Полный текст

A book by James Skinner and Bob Stewart called Organizational Behavior in Sport came out. Bob Stewart, Professor of sports management at the College of physical culture and sports of the University of Victoria (Australia) and James Skinner, Director of the Institute of sports business, Professor of Loughborough University (UK) are the authors of a new book who actively cooperate with RIOU.

Different types of individual, interpersonal and organizational behavior observed in the preparation and staging of sports events are studied in the publication; it considers not only the issues of peoples' management, but also the problems and opportunities having a central significance to the functioning of sports organizations.

This novelty in the RIOU library will be interesting not only for students and teaching staff of higher educational institutions, but also for experts working in the field of sports management and marketing, as well as for those engaged in the study of organizational and commercial aspects of the modern sports industry.

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