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RIOU students to have observation practice during Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

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 On February 10-16, during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, students of RIOU's inaugural MSA (Master of Sport Administration) course will take part in a special observation programme that will provide them with a unique opportunity to look at the work of different functional divisions of the Sochi-2014 Organising Committee. The format of the practice is based on IOC's Observer Programme which facilitates Games knowledge transfer from previous organisers to future Organising Committees.

The organisation of an Olympic Games is a complex logistical project whose success is predicated on coordinating over 200 different stakeholders – from local communities to virtually all host country government Ministries, members of the Olympic Family, national and global sponsors and the world media, as well as managing operations across various venues. As a project, it is delivered over a period of seven years divided into three distinct phases – planning, implementation and closing down. The observation practice will allow the MSA students to experience the breadth and depth of real Olympic Games operations and witness the implementation phase of the Games, which has been carefully planned and tested over many years of preparation.

During the programme, RIOU's students, hailing from 14 countries, will visit various Olympic venues to study the functional areas of the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee and take part in roundtable discussions with key officials in such functions as Venue Management, Technology, Sustainability and Legacy, Broadcasting, Look of the Games, Event Services, Press Operations, Brand Protection, Workforce, Communications and others.

RIOU Rector, Professor Lev Belousov said:

"We try to use different teaching methods while putting a particular emphasis on practical training which enables learners to interact with professionals during real events and acquire hands-on experience. The observation practice will provide RIOU students with a unique opportunity to both see the Games from ‘behind the scene' and learn from those who have been directly involved in the preparation and staging of this global event. I am absolutely convinced that our students will gain experience and ideas that will be highly useful for their own countries in future".

RIOU also plans to organise practical training for its MSA students at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games in March.

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