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Russian International Olympic University has supported the educational project IGContest

IGContest is a project for professional sportsmen and all sports lovers. It is a platform for carrying out sports events, education, sharing experiences and communication, created by the National Fund of Mass Sports Development.

From February 11 to April 2, 2014 halp-pipe and figure skating tournaments will be held on the website.

After Olympic Games 2012 in London, IOC Head of Social Media Alex Huot expressed confidence that all subsequent Olympic Games will be more and more discussed in social networks. In world mass media the Olympic Games in London were called "the first social Olympic Games". 

In Russia social networks have long become an important instrument in forming the public opinion on various matters. Consequently the National Fund of Mass Sports Development, aiming at improving the health of the nation and promoting sports as much as possible, has developed both 3D educational materials and a platform that allows holding online tournaments in any type of sports. The judgment of the performances uploaded for participation in online tournaments is carried out by means of social networks according to the approved rules and regulations. 

The President of the National Fund of Mass Sports Development Alexander Chernozubov managed to build a team that created a platform, where not only people are able to discuss the results of Olympic (or any other) Games, but also actual holding of full-scale tournaments is possible.

IGContest has received extensive support of the Russian International Olympic University, the researchers of which highly appreciated the potential of IGContest in supporting the motivation and accomplishment of sportsmen of any level.

Panel of judges:

- all the Internet users interested in sports, its popularization and development.

Mission of the new format of tournaments:

- to give the viewers of official sports tournaments, using social networks for communicating, the opportunity to choose the best sportsman of the planet on the Internet, according to easily understandable rules.

Total prize fund of the tournaments:

- is equal to the prize fund of Universiade-2013 in Kazan and amounts to 302600 rubles for each discipline.

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