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Results of the Olympic Scholarships Competition Announced

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20 winners of the competition will receive scholarships to study at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) in 2017/2018 academic year in the Master of Sports Administration program. Students will start the studies at the RIOU in September 2017.

The keys components of the Olympic Scholarship Program is shaping a new generation of sports managers, giving opportunities to talented specialists from different countries to receive a high-profile education in the area of sports management, to create an international community of professionals, able to develop international sports industry, based on the values of the Olympic movement.

44 participants were admitted to the competition. The Expert Committee selected 20 winners from 15 countries.


  1. Aberdeen Sean Allister, Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Adhiambo Sarah Susan, Kenia
  3. Appiah Kusi Frank, Ghana
  4. Daza Roldan Juan Camilo, Colombia
  5. De Abiega Lapuente Alberto, Mexico
  6. Khatamtaeva Elvira Zufarovna, Russia
  7. Kifle Daniel Abebe, Ethiopia
  8. Kirillina Stepanida Evgenyevna, Russia
  9. Mugera Joseph, Uganda
  10. Pandita Deepika, India
  11. Pulkkanen Veera, Finland
  12. Sabate Lobo Ignacio Jose, Costa Rica
  13. Sagitov Ilias Rasulevich, Russia
  14. Sapienza Urbieta Bruno Alessandro, Paraguay
  15. Tkach Anastasia Valerievna, Russia
  16. Toemere Ilsida Olitha, Suriname
  17. Tuleulov Arsen Ruslanovich, Kazakhstan
  18. Wang Wei-Ting, China (Taiwan)
  19. Yuen Ka Keung, China (Hong Kong)
  20. Zhuk Elizaveta Igorevna, Russia.



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