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RIOU alumni attended the international exchange program at Paris Sud University

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Russian International Olympic University gave the opportunity to its alumni to attend the International Course of the Master 2 Management of Events and Sports Recreation (M2 MELS) at Paris Sud University in Paris, France. This was an exchange program following a partnership which RIOU has signed with UFR STAPS (the Department of Sports Science). The six-week program was a specialized course in sports marketing and sports events which has a reputation of being among the best in France in this field, and also the only one taught in English.

Five alumni of RIOU attended the October - November 2018 session. Suzan Adhiambo (Kenya), Ilsida Toemere (Suriname), Aigerim Jumajeva (Kazakhstan), George Wagoogo (Uganda) and Andy Kaho (Hong Kong). They joined the students from Paris Sud University who are taking the full Master 2 course.

From October to November 2018 the students attended courses together with M2 Mels students at the Orsay campus located south of Paris. They were trained in different aspects of sports events and sports organisations marketing, sponsorship and logistics of an event. The professors were also diverse. Both from UFR STAPS, from other universities in France as well as from UK. This shows the commitment of the university to make the course international. 

Suzan mentioned, ‘the experience at Paris Sud was great for me, most of the courses were practical, some were similar to the ones offered at RIOU but a different perspective, a wider view, and it is always an opportunity to learn so I appreciated all the courses’.

They also had a great opportunity to visit some advanced sports facilities and national federations in France. They visited the  French Footbal Federation and national training Centre in Clairefontaine,  Parc-des-Princes (home to the top football team in League 1, PSG), the Stade de France, the Jean-Bouin stadium and the National Rugby Center of Marcoussis (Essonne).

Apart from the formal training, the students were able to enjoy the life in Paris and got time to visit the rich cultural and historic city during the weekends. 

‘As a sports manager, this was an opportunity to see and experience firsthand the functioning of national centres, high class facilities where world events are held. For me to experience where World Football Champions are made, at Clairefontaine and how a top team like PSG is managed was such a great take home, it was almost a dream for me. The fact that also the students in M2 are realizing an actual event, the Noctiraid, as part of their course work shows that this course is clearly designed to make future managers,’ - Suzan Adhiambo added.

‘I would like to thank the Russian International Olympic University and University de Paris Sud for the opportunity they rendered me to attend the International Event Management training in Paris. It was more of an eye opener for me as a sports administrator and program implementer for NOC in Uganda. The Professors gave us a deep insight into the current trends in sports marketing, city branding and federation marketing, organizing sporting events, Economics of Sport, e.t.c. As an enthusiast of sport I look forward to further trainings of this nature. I would like to specifically thank Prof. Michel and Prof Christopher for the guidance during the 6 week program. It was great networking with my fellow Alumni of RIOU as well as the French students of Master 2 class at Paris Sud,’ - George Wagoogo said.

‘As an alumni from RIOU and international long distance athlete from Suriname it was a pleasure to be part of the International Event Management Program at the Paris Sud University. I really enjoyed the course, the warm welcome by the French students and the professors. I am also glad we had the opportunity to visit some of the best sports facilities in France. Especially during weekends i really enjoyed the beautiful city of Paris. But most of all, this International dimension will be an asset for my future professional career. Once again thank you RIOU for giving me this opportunity,’ -  Ilsida Toemere remembers.

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