The completed application form and copies of all the required documents should be emailed to with the subject heading "MSA Programme". The total size of all attachments to an email cannot exceed 14MB.

The application form must be filled out in English. It includes an essay in which the candidates can write about themselves and their experience and evaluate their leadership qualities, as well as share their vision on how they are going to use the knowledge and skills that they will gain through the MSA programme.

All application forms should be accompanied by copies of the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Higher education diploma
  3. Proof of English language ability (certificate or any other document).

Applicants may also submit other documents (certificates, letters of thanks, etc.) demonstrating their achievements in sport, education and social activity. These supporting documents will be considered by the Admissions Board but will not give applicants any advantage over others.

If all required materials are not received in a required format and timely manner, the application may not be reviewed. Please check the requirements in the Admissions Regulations.

Make sure to request certificates and transcripts early. When you apply, we require official certificates/diploma and transcripts for your university-level work you completed. These educational documents if received outside Russia should be legalized and translated into Russian by the time students arrive in Sochi. Students will be reminded in June about submitting their legalized documents and provided with a detailed legalization instruction.

All applications are reviewed by the Admissions Board, headed by the RIOU Rector, which decides whether or not an applicant is recommended for enrolment in the MSA programme. The Board will notify the applicant of its decision via email within two months of the date of the application. Upon receiving a positive notification, the applicant will be sent an invoice for tuition. An invoice for accommodation at the University's apartment hotel will be sent on request.