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«Drawing on international experience, RIOU has created a unique educational programme supported by excellent learning resources and a team of expert lecturers. The course is aimed at training a new generation of sport managers with the right knowledge and skills to work professionally in any economic environment. The MSA students will learn how to effectively manage sport venues, clubs, financial and information flows in sport, and how to build appropriate marketing strategies. They will also be trained in the legal aspects of sports and research methodology».

RIOU Rector, Professor Lev Belousov





 The MSA course is designed for individuals who have higher education qualifications, leadership qualities and an ambition to develop their professional expertise and make an outstanding career in sport administration.

The main objective of the programme is to produce a new generation of effective sport managers with both strategic and operational skills.

The MSA course was developed in cooperation with acclaimed university professors and sport management practitioners from across the world and obtained a license from the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency (license No.1734 of December 18, 2012).


  1. international faculty including 19 world-class experts from 10 countries;
  2. location in the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics;
  3. integration of theoretical knowledge with practical experience in managing Olympic venues;
  4. opportunities for practical application of skills at the Olympic venues;
  5. international group of students;
  6. unique combination of winter and summer Olympic sports.

The course is based on the rich diversity of the Olympic legacy transformed into an original and innovative educational product. Students study both general and sport specific management subjects including the international business environment, sport diplomacy, economic theory, strategic management, marketing, finance and legal regulation within the sports industry. They also learn how political institutions (governments and other public authorities) work in the sport sector.

Professional management skills are polished and developed through studying sport logistics, project management, risk management, event organisation, negotiating techniques, and other subjects.

The curriculum utilizes a wide range of modern educational technologies: lectures and seminars, consultations, workshops, case studies, interactive classes, cascade training, practical application, master classes by sport celebrities, and research projects.

The programme culminates in a graduate qualification paper (thesis).

Language of instruction: English

Programme duration: 39 weeks (3 semesters) from September 2014 through June 2015. Each week includes five study days.

If you want to see the details of MSA programme's Offer, please visit the RIOU website.
You may email your enquiries to info@olympicuniversity.ru, or call us at +7 495 956 24 30 (Moscow), +7 862 262 97 20 (Sochi).