Your lecturers Your lecturers Andreff, Professor Emeritus at the University Paris Pantheon Sorbonne (France), PhD
Researcher at the Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne; Honorary President of the International Association of Sport Economists and European Sports Economics Association.
Introduction to Economics of Sport
Areas of Expertise: sports economics; state and private financing in sports; the economic importance of sport in Europe Professional Experience: former president of the French Economic Association and the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies. Consultant for the sports ministry in France, Russia and Slovenia. Author of 4 books and 104 scientific articles on sports economics. Beech, Senior Research Fellow at Coventry University (UK), PhD.
Head of Sport & Tourism at the Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration at Coventry University
Revenue Generation and Sponsorship
Areas of Expertise: sports and tourism management; event management; football clubs management; sports broadcasting; commercialization of sports Professional Experience: in the past head of Leisure, Sports and Tourism Management within Coventry University Business School. Visiting Professor at FH Kufstein University of Applied Sciences (Austria) and at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School in Spain. Author/co-author/co-editor of a range of books, book chapters and journal articles on sport management. Writes for F.C.Business, Football & Stadium Monthly, Football & Sports Arena, Prosport Business Magazine. Chadwick, Professor at Coventry University Business School (UK), PhD
Founder and director of Centre for the International Business of Sport; Chair in Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University Business School
Innovative Media in Sport
Areas of Expertise: sport marketing; sponsorship; commercial strategy in sport Professional Experience: Editor of "Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal". Has authored and published more than 600 articles on sport. Visiting professor at IESE and Instituto de Empresa in Spain; the University of Paris; and the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He has worked with FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, the International Tennis Federation, UEFA, the Qatar Olympic Committee and others. Has been identified by the Times as ‘guru' of sport management in Britain. Doherty, Associate Professor at University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology at University of Western Ontario
Leadership and People Management
Areas of Expertise: management of nonprofit sport; sport and event volunteerism; organizational development Professional Experience: former president of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM). Editor of Sport Management Review, member of the editorial board of the Journal of Sport Management. Visiting scholar at La Trobe University (Australia) and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Egger, Founder and CEO at MK Marketing GmbH (Austria)
Financial Management
Areas of Expertise: event management; event marketing; communications. Professional Experience: founder and CEO at MK Marketing GmbH agency focused on event management and event marketing. Founder and organizer of International Windsurfing Worldcup Neusiedler See (Austria). Organizer of European Championships Windsurfing (2002). Since 2001 lecturer at FH Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. Several times winner of the "Austrian Event Award". 
Vassil Girginov, Professor at Brunel University (Great Britain), PhD
Reader in Sport Management/Development, School of Sport and Education, Brunel University
Global Sport Governance 
Areas of Expertise: sport management; sport development; comparative management and policy analysis. Professional Experience: previously worked as advisor to the Chairman of the Bulgarian Sports Union, on the Sofia bids for the Winter Olympic Games and in higher education institutions in Bulgaria and Canada. Has been researching the sports development legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Executive Editor of the 2012 Routledge Special Olympic Journals Issue. Co-author of MSA programme.
Marco Iacono, Founder and Managing Partner at NEWYA – Consulting&Training Srl (Italy)
Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking

Areas of Expertise: finance, marketing, communications, NLP. Professional Experience: Founder and Managing Partner at NEWYA Consulting&Training srl, company focused on corporate consultancy and professional training for banking, pharmacy, sports and wellness industries. Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the LULV - Libera Università Leonardo da Vinci in Rome and Financial Advisor for one of the country's main banking groups. With over 20 years experience in the financial sector as a manager and a certified trainer, he now cooperates with various companies and institutions in Italy. Kaiser, Dean of the MA Sport Management at SRH University Heidelberg (Germany), PhD
Professor for Sport Management. Editor (Social Sciences) of the German Journal of Sports Science
Financial Management
Areas of Expertise: sport management; sport economics; organization theory Professional Experience: headed the organizing committee of the German Congress for Sport Economics and Sport Management (2006-2008). Author/ co-author and editor of a range of books, book chapters and journal articles on sport management. Taught on several international study programs including Vrije Universiteit Brussel, German Sport University Cologne, University of Florence, Charles University Prague. Kaspar, Professor at University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Science, Kufstein Tirol (Austria), PhD
Director of Studies "Sports, Culture and Event Management"
Sport tourism / Leveraging the Olympics /Economic Legacies of Mega Events
Areas of Expertise: event management in sports Professional Experience: director of Bachelor and Master degree programmes of the department of Sports, Culture & Event Management at FH Kufstein. Has served in a number of mega event companies and held the position of managing director for the Salzburg 2010 Olympic Winter Games bid. Guy Masterman, Sheffield Hallam University (Great Britain), MBA
Strategic Marketing Planning, Marketing Communications and PR
Head of the Department of Sport; Chair of the Academy of Sport & Physical Activity Board, Sheffield Hallam University; International Professor at Universidade Nove de Julho-UNINOVE(Sao Paulo, Brazil) Areas of Expertise: sport event planning and sport marketing communications Professional Experience: has worked in the sports and events industries for over 35 years, including Fulham FC and World Championship Tennis Inc. Among his consultancy clients are Chelsea FC, Leeds United FC, Team Scotland, Olympic champions Lennox Lewis and Steve Backley. Author of the market leading book Strategic Sports Events Management. Co-author of MSA programme. Papadimitriou, Professor at University of Patras (Greece), PhD
Full-time lecturer in service and sport management at the Department of Business Management at the University of Patras
Sport Organizations Governance
Areas of Expertise: service and sport management; marketing and sponsorship Professional Experience: member of the editorial board of the European Sport Management Quarterly Journal. Author and co-author of numerous articles in sport, leisure and tourism management, marketing and sponsorship. Author of three books and contributor with chapters in seven handbooks related to sport management and marketing. Parent, Associate Professor at University of Ottawa (Canada), PhD
Associate Professor at University of Ottawa; Invited Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Sport Development and Management Concepts
Areas of Expertise: event management in sport; governance and decision making; stakeholder partnership and network management Professional Experience: lecturer for the project and event management module for MEMOS programme. Coordinated protocol and language services during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Has awards from the North American Society for Sport Management. Parry, Professor at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) and University of Leeds (UK), PhD
Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague; collaborator with University of Leeds and the International Olympic Academy; Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association
Mega Events, City Marketing and Governance/ Sport and Multiculturalism / Olympic Philosophy and Sport Ideology
Areas of Expertise: philosophy of physical education and sport Professional Experience: qualified PE teacher (high school) and sports coach (football, rugby, basketball, tennis). Founding Director of the British Olympic Academy. Previously was International Professor of Olympic Studies at Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Ghent, Gresham College (University of London). Co-author/co-editor of more than 5 books on philosophy of sport.
Nikolay Peshin, Pro-rector for Research at the Russian International Olympic University, PhD
Professor of constitutional, municipal and sports law at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Sports Law
Areas of Expertise: constitutional and municipal legal regulation of relations in the field of sports and physical activity. Professional Experience: leading researcher in legal studies, one of pioneers of the Russian sports law as a field of study. Author of more than 50 scientific papers on legal issues, including a number of textbooks and monographs. Author/co-author of a number of federal, regional and municipal laws. In 2010 appointed as Head of RIOU Research and Development Department. Co-author of MSA programme.
_DBS5065Benoit Seguin, Professor at University of Ottawa (Canada), PhD
Professor of Sport Management/Sport Marketing at University of Ottawa; member of the Canadian Olympic Committee
Olympic Partnerships and Sponsorship / Managing Cultural Diversity in Sport Organizations / Programme and Project Management in Sport
Areas of Expertise: Olympic marketing; sports marketing; ambush marketing; sponsorship Professional Experience: professor Seguin's doctorate research examined the issue of ambush marketing and its impact on the Olympic brand. His research has been published in leading sport management and marketing journals. Supervising professor at the International Olympic Academy; lecturer at MEMOS. Has extensive practical experience in sport management: he was marketing director/president of two national sport organizations Synchro Canada & Diving Canada; Vice-President of the Aquatic Federation of Canada.

Martin Schnitzer,  PhD
Researcher at the Department for Sport Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Bid Director of the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship Candidate Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy


Eivind-Skille_Width_142Eivind Åsrum Skille, Professor at Hedmark University College (Norway), PhD
Professor of Sport Sociology at Hedmark University College and Visiting Professor of Sport Management at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Sport Policy Analysis
Areas of Expertise: sport policy, sport organization, sport management, etc.
Professional Experience: teaching and supervision for sport sociology, sport management and public health programmes at Hedmark University College and Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Skinner, Professor of Griffith Business School (Australia), PhD
Head of Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith Business School (Griffith University)
Research Methodology and Methods in Sport Management
Areas of Expertise: drugs in sport; sport management research methods and paradigms; organizational development; sport and community development Professional Experience: has worked as a consultant to international and national sporting organizations (IOC, WADA, Football Federation of Australia). Has undertaken research for WADA in sport anti-doping area. His research appears in leading sport management journals.
David Stotlar, Professor at University of Northern Colorado (USA), PhD
Director of the School of Sport & Exercise Science at University of Northern Colorado
Brand Management / Sport Market Research /Media Relations and Management
Areas of Expertise: sport management; sport marketing
Professional Experience: has served as a consultant in sport management, marketing and sponsorship to international sport organizations. Has given over 300 presentations and workshops. Former president of the North American Society for Sport Management. Founding member of the Sport Marketing Association. Author of more than 90 articles and 50 textbooks in sport marketing and management. Tibbs, Chief Executive Officer at Jon Tibbs Associates (UK)
Chairman of the UK Trade & Investment Global Sports Projects Sector Advisory Group
Sport Branding and Communications
Areas of Expertise: strategic communications in sports; brand building; marketing communications; crisis management Professional Experience: one of the most respected strategic international communications experts in the Olympic movement and the sporting world. Was responsible for the international PR for the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic bids. Advised to Sochi 2014 Olympic Bid Committee; developed the much acclaimed positioning statement (Gateway To The Futrure) and the final and winning Sochi 2014 presentation in Guatemala. Among his clients are Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, the Jordan Olympic Committee, international sport federations and others. Zakharov, Head of Laboratory at the Institute of Developmental Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor (Russia), PhD
Chairman of the Council of the All-Russian public organization "Center for Environmental Policy and Culture". Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Sustainable Development
Areas of Expertise: ecology; environmental protection; sustainable development Professional Experience: author of more than 150 publications including 6 monographs. Editor in chief of the bulletin "Towards a Sustainable Russia". Since 2006 is member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation; Chairman of the Commission on Ecological Problems and Environmental Protection.


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