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The International Olympic Committee has confirmed the status of RIOU as a Regional Academic Olympic Studies and Research Center

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Over the past decades, the IOC has been conducting an expert analysis of scientific and educational activities of universities and other scientific schools around the world that are engaged in research in the field of the international Olympic movement, the legacy of the Games, educational projects in the area. Selection criteria include: scientific activity of the university, faculty, scientific and publication activity, scientific conferences, original researches, library fund, etc.

The selection result is the assignment / confirmation or deprivation of the status of a regional Olympic Studies Center.

Such a selection was held in early 2021.

The IOC highly appreciated the summary report on the academic research activity of the Russian International Olympic University from 2011 to 2020 and decided to confirm the status of RIOU as a Regional Academic Olympic Studies and Research Center.

For another 10-year period - from 2021 to 2030 - RIOU is given the right, in accordance with the Guidelines for the Academic Olympic Studies and Research Centers, to directly use the Olympic property - for non-commercial scientific research and educational purposes - as well as to use other privileges of the regional Olympic Studies Center.

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