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Sergey Bubka

President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Member of the IOC Executive Board.

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President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Member of the IOC Executive Board

Born: 4 December 1963 in Lugansk, Ukraine/USSR

Graduate of Kiev Institute of Physical Culture in 1987, PhD in Pedagogy, 2002

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1983). Olympic Champion 1988, World Champion (1983, 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997), Europe (1986), USSR (1984, 1985). World and European Cups winner (1985) in pole vault.

On the whole in 1984-1994 he has set up 35 world records (including 18 in roofed venues). His fifth record (on 13 July, 1985 in Paris) became a historical one – Bubka was the first to conquer the height of 6 m.

The only athlete who won six World Championships (1983-1997).

President and founder of Sergey Bubka Club in Donetsk (1990), where international competitions among renowned athletes in pole vault are annually held. <Zepter – Stars of pole>.

In 2003 he won the national event <Stars of Ukraine> and was awarded the title of UNESCO Champion for sport.

Three times he was awarded the title of the best athlete in the world, repeat winner of IAAF grand prix. In 1997 the French newspaper L'Equipe gave him the title <Champion of champions>.

On 23 June 2005 - President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. On 23 November 2006 – reelected as President of NOC for 2006-2010, on 7 October 2010 – for the next four years.

IOC Member since 1999. In 2000-2008, since 2012 – IOC Executive Board Member. Since 1996 - IOC Athletes' Commission Member, in 2002-2008 – its Chair. After retiring – Athletes' Commission Honorary Member.

In 2007 – elected IAAF Senior Vice-President, in 2011 – reelected Vice-President. In August 2015 elected IAAF First Vice-President.

In 2002-2006 - Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and its "Committee for Youth, Culture, Sport and Tourism".

Awards – Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1988), Order of Lenin (1989), < Honoris Causa >, Hero of Ukraine (2001), Ukraine President Honorary Distinguishing Mark (1994), Yaroslav the Wise Order of V degree (2008).

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