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    Олимпийского Университета академику РАО, д.и.н., профессору Белоусову Л.С. от коллектива выпускников РМОУ

    Уважаемый Лев Сергеевич!

    Искренне выражаем Вам свою признательность за поддержку нашей инициативы и организацию второго курса повышения квалификации по дополнительной профессиональной программе «Создание и управление коммерческими проектами в спорте» для выпускников РМОУ разных поколений. Мы ценим, что РМОУ продолжает непрерывно внедрять в свою практику реализацию образовательных программ с привлечением экспертов - практиков, готовых делится своими опытом и знаниями, в том числе и антикризисного характера, соответствующих современным вызовам спортивной отрасли.

    Содержание, технология подачи материала, практические занятия 3-х дневного интенсива, реализованные командой РМОУ совместно с руководством Generation Business Group и Ассоциацией институтов развития предпринимательства, традиционно оправдали наши самые лучше ожидания, а главное, внесли существенный вклад в создание и развитие наших собственных проектов в спорте.

    Надеемся на последующее участие в подобных прикладных Проектах. 14.03.2023г.

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  • Otylia Jedrzejczak

    Polish swimmer and Olympic champion

    Текст обращения

    RIOU has a conventional university structure – up  to a point. The majority of our time in class is spent listening and learning about the different aspects and practices of sport administration with one of RIOU's expert professors. But there are all sorts of visitors coming to see us who pass on their experience and knowledge. We were so proud when IOC President Thomas Bach decided to visit in October and very grateful for the time he spent answering our questions. One student asked Mr Bach about career prospects and he told us all that, after graduating from RIOU, the doors of the IOC will be open for us to apply for a job there. That information has made us all even more dedicated to our studies! We are a motivated group anyway and have a lot of ideas about how to change sport administration for the better. We feel like we can fly and our lecturers encourage our ambitions; and maybe help us keep our feet on the ground at times too.

    Whilst studying at RIOU I have been aware that absorbing all this knowledge is only the first step of our MSA course. The second step is being part of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Every day I see the city changing.  In November, we went on a trip to Krasnaya Polyana, which hosts the Mountain Cluster for the Games. We returned in December and it had grown so much. It showed me how fast things are progressing and how hard the organisers are working. The Olympic Games are the most important sports event in the world. I was lucky enough to compete in three editions, and they make athletes feel very special indeed. I cannot wait to play my part as an organiser and gain an insight into how one is actually run. RIOU students will be working across 12 different Games departments, so we're really going to be at the heart of Sochi 2014.

  • Светлана Хоркина

    Two-time olympic champion

    Текст обращения

    I would like to emphasize exceptional competency and professionalism of the faculty. The nuances of sports management in the current international context are explained to students in accessible and interactive manner. Taking a professional development course at RIOU gives an opportunity to upgrade knowledge and skills and align them to world-class standards. After completing the course I will be able to apply new knowledge in my practical activities which creates basis for new achievements on the international Olympic stage.

    I wish RIOU great success in the future and growth in student enrolment.  

  • Dmitry Sautin

    Two-time Olympic champion, Vice-President of the Russian Diving Federation, member of the Voronezh Regional Duma

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    I believe that studying at the Olympic University can provide the right support to ex-athletes in their lives after sport. Taking just a one-year course at RIOU will allow them to find a good job in the sports industry. And it's not spectator sports only. With such training, you can also attract sponsors, organise successful events and make a profit in diving or gymnastics, for example. RIOU graduates have a huge advantage over others.

  • Catherine O'Grady

    World champion in kickboxing

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    For as long as I can remember, my goal in life has been to manage high performance athletes. RIOU's Master of Sport Administration course holds the key to achieving this ambition by providing me with the competitive edge I strive for. Working within an Olympic setting will be like a dream come true, while an understanding of the business, marketing and management worlds that are intrinsically entwined with the sports industry and its smooth and successful operations will undoubtedly benefit me and open a vast array of doors in the sports business sector. On a more profound and personal level, it's a fact that women are still largely under-represented in leadership roles within the sporting realm, especially as high-performance coaches. This opportunity with RIOU can only be for the good by providing more women with the necessary professional skills to both succeed in and influence the sports industry in the future. I fully appreciate that being chosen as the Irish representative on RIOU's MSA course is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I will ensure that I gain as much experience and knowledge from it as I possibly can.

  • Khasan Baroyev

    Olympic champion, world champion and two-time European champion, Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, North Ossetia

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    I am really impressed by RIOU - the University itself, the atmosphere, the work of the faculty and senior administrators. I have degrees from two universities, but I've never seen such great lecture rooms and accommodation conditions for students. RIOU Rector Lev Belousov and all the Vice-Rectors are wonderful people. I'm sure that studying at RIOU opens up opportunities not only for ex-athletes but for anyone wishing to make a career in the sports industry. I think RIOU will produce highly-skilled specialists who will be able to apply their professional knowledge both in Russia and around the world.

  • Ilona Korstin

    Multiple medallist in international basketball championships, Deputy CEO of VTB United League

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    Besides providing knowledge, the Olympic University gave me a chance to meet a lot of interesting people and see different competition and training venues. I am very happy that Sochi has so many excellent facilities, which allow for very high standards of athlete training.

  • Maxim Opalev

    Olympic champion and 13-time world champion in sprint canoeing, Director of the Training Centre for Rowing Sports, Volgograd Region

    Текст обращения

    RIOU has some of the most outstanding teachers in the field, and we can learn about the practical nuances of sport management from them. I am grateful to the leaders of our country for creating such a unique educational institution. Before going to Sochi, I visited RIOU's website and was truly amazed: a beautiful building, excellent lecture rooms and state-of-the-art learning technologies. I am sure that training at RIOU will help many former Olympians start a new life.