High quality education is a key factor in the successful development of any country. We fully appreciate that a modern university is not simply an educational institution facilitating exchange of knowledge between teachers and students. Today a university should cultivate intellect in its various forms and this requires the building of a system of multi-directional communication between the participants of the learning process and the exchange of quality information resources.

The RIOU Library is a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use platform offering more than 7,500 books on the sports industry in both English and Russian. Subject areas covered are as diverse as management, marketing, economics, politics, safety, law, career development and research. This wealth of resources at RIOU provides excellent conditions for conducting studies on the Olympic Movement and sport.

The RIOU Library has three electronic reading-rooms equipped with the RFID system. RFID makes search and circulation of books an easy process taking just minutes, thus allowing students and staff to work comfortably and effectively. An automated library terminal, book return unit, gate reader and electronic tagging enable self-issue/return of items and ensure the safety of the collections. Student ID cards serve as reader passes.

All Library items are indexed in the electronic catalogue available online. Users can perform basic or advanced searches and make online requests.

As the main custodian of the 2014 Games Archive, RIOU ensures the preservation of the information legacy of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. The RIOU Library features exclusive books and journals in Russian, English, French, Chinese and other languages donated by the International Olympic Committee. It also contains all Olympic-related materials, including photo and video documents, produced by Olympstroy, the state corporation that built all the Olympic venues in Sochi. One of the Library's main aims is to provide access to the Sochi 2014 legacy for non-commercial, informational, scientific, educational and cultural purposes. In addition to this unique content, RIOU offers access to electronic databases and journals in Russian and English.

In 2011 RIOU launched a publishing programme which includes a quarterly periodical, the RIOU Herald and a series of memoirs, archival materials and studies on Olympic history and philosophy, as well as the best-selling Russian and foreign books on sport and Olympic education. These resources are incorporated into RIOU's educational programmes.