Dear Readers,

Our Information Resource Centre seeks to support the high standard of education at RIOU by ensuring access to good quality books, periodicals and electronic resources on sports management.

As the main collection is open for free access, users can easily find whatever items they need. Search is facilitated by the RIOU Electronic Catalogue which covers all centre materials and is updated on a daily basis. The e-catalogue functions in real time and is the main guide to the IRC's resources.

Search and service options

Users can conduct a search by all elements of bibliographic records: author, title, format, publisher, subject category, barcode, call number, language, place of publication, publication year, etc. The catalogue can be accessed via RIOU's local network or the Internet.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between basic and advanced search options.

If you have found a book or an article especially interesting or useful for a certain course, assignment or your degree paper, you can leave your comments by clicking on the "Add Review" tab.

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